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Mindfulness Based Practices for trauma and Resiliency

Twice weekly, Nachan trainers share mindfulness-based practices with the women so they can learn how to regulate their nervous systems which have been adversely affected due to past and current traumatic events.


  • 520 free mindfulness based classes offered since 2018 which also includes food. 


Humanitarian Aid

Since 2018 we have provided food support, emergency medical care funding and first aid interventions, immunizations, shelter, resettlement and menstrual health hygiene support. 


  • Food Support: 1,250+ women and children  

  • Medical Interventions: 1,800 

  • Shelter: 36 families 

  • Resettlement: 52 families

  • Menstrual Health Hygiene provided to 189 women and teen girls

Psycho-Social Support

Social workers provide on-the-ground psychosocial support, both individually and in groups, to address trauma.


  • 400 sessions provided since 2018 



In collaboration with UNICEF we have also successfully registered more than 2,000 women and children with the National Identification Registration Authority. 


This means that the community of mothers can now:

  • Open bank accounts

  • Achieve security clearance 

  • Access government services, medical care and education sponsorship 

  • Be allowed regional movement 

  • Claim their children when they are picked up by authorities 

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