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The Body: A Healing Environment


The Body: A Healing Environment 

Utilization of Mind Body Practices for Survivors of Natural and Human Made Traumatic Events and Their Caregivers


by Gina de la Chesnaye


Uganda, still recovering from the trauma of war, the AIDS epidemic and deeply rife with poverty as well as continued violence has shown itself to truly be the pearl of Africa in that it has opened up its land and heart to over a million refugees. Click to read more 

"When I read Gina’s article and watched her video, I was filled with humility, and a deep sense of awe at her achievements. The first thing that struck me was her compassion and devotion to all those that she has worked with. Her leadership in teaching caregivers the magical healing powers of Mind-Body practices has opened the door for an ever-increasing number of indigenous practitioners. In addition to providing background to the video, Gina’s article is replete with resources for those who want to learn more on the importance and effectiveness of contemplative practices. The video is a testament to the power of Mind-Body practices in bringing peace and calm to those ravaged by cruelty in Africa. The video shows Gina, calm, open, accepting, empathic and full of love and devotion, working to make a better world."

- Azita Berenjian, MBA 

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