All donations made to The Nachan Project are processed through The Fortunate Blessings Foundation and Second Response. Zero dollars are utilized for administrative costs on the U.S. side. Funds go directly to support the women and children of the Katwe and Kisenyi slums in Kampala, Uganda and to help support the local team.


For four decades the goals of Fortunate Blessings Foundation (FBF) have been aligned with an emerging integration toward wholeness and connection in the service of individuals, communities and the planet. While the Foundation's initiatives vary widely, they are founded on the conviction that what we commonly experience as "inner" and "outer" worlds are really one. Disharmony, fragmentation and malaise appear widespread creating ripples of suffering that impact us psychologically, environmentally, socially and spiritually.

FBF’s programs and services are in the field of body-mind approaches to stress, distress and trauma relief, issues focused on social justice and women’s and children’s rights, personal transformation and sustainable ecological practices. Our unprecedented times of disease, poverty, climate change, political and economic refugees increase the pressures of constant uncertainty and stress. More than ever, FBF’s programs are needed and being requested.

We are all in this together. FBF currently has two initiatives being funded.


Your generosity will favorably impact many lives.


There are many ways you can support us - for example, through a gift of stock, or airline miles, or credit card points, or volunteer efforts. Interested? Contact Us and we'll make it easy for you.

Second Response is an initiative of Fortunate Blessings Foundation,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a Guidestar Gold Participant.